Director - Hazel Chung, COI, AOBTA, NCCAOM




OhashiatsuMaryland is directed by Hazel Chung, Certified OhashiatsuInstructor, who has been teaching the Ohashiatsu curriculum through Advanced I Level since 1990. With a background as an internationally renowned dancer, Choreographer and teacher, Hazel has taken advanced studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Beijing College of Acupuncture, China. Currently she visits her traditional Balinese house where she demonstrates and offers Ohashiatsuto the Balinese. After living in many parts of the world and experiencing different cultures, Hazel is convinced that Ohashiatsusurpasses other approaches in maintaining a peak level of performance in the body, mind and spirit.


OhashiatsuMaryland is located in a quiet suburban neighborhood near Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC. Since 1990 OhashiatsuMaryland has trained more than 350 students with 25 graduates. Many of the graduates have started their own Ohashiatsuhealing practices, many have incorporated the Ohashiatsuskills they learned into their professional practices, and many have become Certified OhashiatsuInstructors.


Quote from a Beginning I Student:

Beginning I has been an opening of peace, hope, and healing in my life that I hope to help bring into the lives of others. I have learned much more than techniques – I have learned to feel more comfortable around others by allowing myself to be more open and vulnerable. Vulnerability now seems less like a danger and more like an opportunity.”






Hazel Chung

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